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Attorney Stuart L. Snyder | Real Estate Law

About the Office

Stuart L. Snyder - Attorney

Attorney Snyder has been actively engaged in the practice of law since 1990, focusing primarily on residential real estate transactions, representing buyers, sellers and lenders. Stuart also advises clients on a range of legal matters, including: civil litigation, condominium association representation, divorce, estate planning and administration, landlord/tenant matters, mortgage foreclosures, tax abatements and zoning issues. Stuart handles legal matters anywhere in Massachusetts, but concentrates his practice in eastern Massachusetts.

Stuart grew up on the North Shore of Boston in Swampscott. He graduated Swampscott High School and then attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York earning a degree in English and Philosophy. In 1990, he earned the degree of Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School in Boston. Before establishing the Law Office of Stuart L. Snyder, P.C. in 1996, Stuart was an associate with the Law Office of Englander & Sooho in Newton and the Law Office of Goldman & Goldman in Swampscott. For several years, Stuart maintained offices in Danvers and Wellesley, but he consolidated operations to Wellesley in 2005. Stuart has resided in Newton since 1988. He now lives in Newton Highlands with his wife, two daughters and the family dog.

Our Office Philosophy

Our office philosophy is simple. We represent and treat clients the way we, ourselves, would like to be represented and treated. Legal matters, especially real estate transactions, touch on many aspects of peoples' lives, from their emotions attached to buying or selling a home, to their financial circumstances, to their family relationships and more. All too often, people recount anecdotes of stressful real estate closings, usually involving last minute surprises about details being overlooked. Such stories often emanate from one fact: The people involved did not have an experienced and trusted professional representing their interests and guiding them through the sometimes arcane world of real estate law.


Our office policy on fees reflects our aversion to billing on an hourly basis. Keeping strict track of time puts pressure on clients and their lawyers to hurry important conversations because they know charges are accruing every minute. Thus, most of our work is done on a flat fee basis, the terms of which are discussed and agreed upon in advance. In cases where hourly charges are appropriate, a written fee agreement is executed.

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  • + Residential construction contracts
  • + Condo association representation
  • + Estate planning and administration
  • + Landlord/Tenant matters
  • + Mortgage foreclosures
  • + Real estate tax abatements
  • + Zoning matters

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