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Why Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Most people do not spend or borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars every day, nor do they very often sell their largest asset or coordinate transfers of large portions of their net worth. When you do, it is important to know you are on solid legal ground - and it is comforting to have an experienced professional acting as your advocate, protecting your interests, and ensuring that the transaction proceeds smoothly and all monetary matters are accounted for properly.

Because real estate involves large sums of money and real estate contracts create binding obligations, real estate attorneys are the best resource both for advice and to represent your interests as early in the process of buying or selling as possible. Clients sometimes contact our office only after they have made or accepted an offer to purchase - and while we are certainly able to assist them going forward, we will be bound to whatever has already taken place. Therefore, it is best to acquire appropriate legal representation before signing any contractual documents.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that when they obtain a mortgage to purchase real estate, the "closing attorney" will represent both the lender and the borrower and safeguard the legal interests of both parties. However, the reality is that unless there is a specific agreement for the closing attorney to represent both the borrower and the lender, the closing attorney represents only the interests of the lender.

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